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Harvest Dates

At Hafs Road Orchard we offer a wide variety of apples for eating, baking, cooking, frying, sauce, pies, salads, apple butter, and cider making, as well as tasty hand-dipped caramel apples.

This list shows many of our apple varieties in the order that they ripen, including flavors from sweet to tart.

The ripening dates are approximate, and vary from year to year.
Pristine August, early eating 1994 PRI/USA
Williams Pride August, mid eating, sauce 1988 PRI/USA
Zestar! August, mid eating 1999 Minnesota
Gala August, late eating 1960 New Zealand
Ginger Gold August, late eating 1980 Pennsylvania
Milton August, late eating, sauce 1909 New York
Cortland September, mid eating, pies, sauce 1898 New York
Jonamac September, mid eating, pies, sauce 1972 New York
Liberty September, mid eating, sauce 1978 New York
Mc Intosh September, mid eating, pies, sauce 1870 Canada
Swiss Gourmet (Arlet) September, late eating 1958 Switzerland
Connel Red September, late baking, whole Minnesota
Empire September, late eating, cider, salads 1966 New York
Jonafree September, late eating, pies, cider 1979 Indiana
Jonagold September, late eating, sauce 1968 New York
Macoun September, late eating, pies 1923 New York
Northwest Greening September, late pies, storage 1872 Wisconsin
RubyJon September, late eating, sauce Kentucky
Sir Prize September, late eating, pies 1961 Indiana
Snow September, late eating, frying, cider 1600's France
Wolf River September, late apple butter, baking 1875 Wisconsin
Grimes Golden October, early sauce, pies, cider 1804 West Virginia
Haralson October, Early eating, pies, cider 1923 Minnesota
Jonathan October, early eating, cooking, baking 1979 Indiana
Northern Spy October, early eating, pies 1800 New York
Prairie Spy October, early eating, pies, storage 1940 Minnesota
Senshu October, early sweet eating 1980 Japan
Florina Querina October, mid sweet eating 1986 France
Fuji October, mid sweet eating 1962 Japan
Golden Delicious October, mid eating, pies 1914 West Virginia
Golden Russet October, mid eating, cider, pies 1800 New York
Gold Rush October, mid eating, pies, storage 1992 Indiana
Idared October, mid eating, sauce, butter 1942 Idaho
Melrose October, mid eating, pies, storage 1942 Ohio
Mutsu (Crispin) October, mid eating, pies, sauce 1930 Japan
Spigold October, mid pies, storage 1962 New York
Suncrisp October, mid sharp eating 1992 Rutgers
Newton Pippin October, late pies, sauce, cider 1700's New York
Enterprise October, late eating, storage 1982 Indiana


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